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Back Row(L to R): L. Liu, Y. Liu, C. S. Liu, T. X. Liu,C. P. Liu,Y. K. Wang, L. Tao.
Middle Row(L to R):W. J. Wu, C. Y. Wu, X. M. Li, W. Zhang, F. B. Li, L. Wei,  C. Y. Chang, Z. Y. Huang.
Front Row(L to R):C. Ma, M. J. Chen, Y. Wang, X. H. Xu, F. Cao.

The Fangbai Li’s Research Group conducts original research aimed at improving our understanding of the environmental application, mechanisms at molecular scale and management at regional scale of iron biogeochemical cycles. We are particularly interested in: (1) investigating the interactions among iron cycle and carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, the bioavailability of heavy metals, and the dechlorination of POPs (polychlorinated organic pollutants), and disclosing the physic-chemical, microbial and biochemical mechanisms of iron cycles in subtropical and tropical soils in south China; (2) investigating the interactions among iron-reducing bacteria, minerals and dissolved organic matters, and then disclosing the relationship between the structure of electron shuttles and electron donor/acceptor capacity, and exploring the molecular-scale mechanisms of electron transfer from iron-reducing bacteria to e-shuttles to minerals to substrate; (3) at regional scale, investigating the relationship between biogeochemical processes of iron and carbon cycles, and nutrients cycles and utilization, and bioavailability of cadmium and arsenic in paddy soils and vegetable soils in south China. We study these processes to improve predictions of contaminant fate and to identify promising strategies that can be engineered to more efficiently treat water and cleanup contaminated sites.

Contact: Fangbai Li, Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences, No. 808, Tianyuan Road, Guangzhou, 510650, P. R. China
Tele: 86-20-87024721     Fax: 020-87024123      Email: cefbli@soil.gd.cn

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