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Lan Wei (Ph. D 2012)



Wei Zhang (Ph. D 2012)



Manjia Chen (Ph. D 2012)



Fang Cao (Ph. D 2012)



Yongkui Wang (Ph. D 2011)

Kinetics and Abiotic-Biotic Mechanism of Iron(III) Reduction and Pentachlorophenol Reductive Transformation in Soils in South China

Hubei Polytechnic University

Liang Liu (Ph. D 2011)

Bio-electrochemical Reduction and Extracellular Electron Transfer Driven by Iron-reducing Bacteria

School of Environmental & Safety Engineering, Changzhou University

Chunyuan Wu (Ph.D 2010)
Isoltatioin, identification and environmental implication of Fe(III)/humus-reducing bacteria

Environment and plant protection institute, Chinese academy of tropical of agricultural sciences

Zhiyi Xie (Ph.D 2010)
Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals Contaminated Soil with Microencapsulated EDTA

Environmental Protection Monitoring Centre of Guangdong Province

Xiaomin Li (Ph.D 2010)
Interaction of Dissimilatory Iron Reduction and Reductive Transformation of Reducible Pollutants

Hong Kong Baptist University

Liang Tao (Ph.D 2010)
Interaction between Reductive Transformation of 2-Nitrophenol and Fe(II) Adsorbed onto Soil Mineral

Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences

Qing Lan (Ph.D 2009)
Degradation Mechanism of Pentachlorophenol in Heterogeneous Photo-Iron Oxide-Oxalate System

Guangdong Vocational College of Environmental Protection Engineering

Xiujuan Li (Ph.D 2009)
Oxidative Transformation Kinetics of As(III) in Manganese Dioxides Suspension and Analysis of the Surface Modality

Marine Environmental Monitor Center of Beihai

Lijia Zhang
(Ph.D 2009)
Oxidative Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Manganese
Dioxides and the Relationship with the Physicochemical Properties

Guangdong Science and Technology Library

Tongxu Liu (Ph.D 2008)
Fabrication of TiO2 Hydrosols and Its Applications for Air

Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences

Chengshuai Liu (Ph.D 2007)
Oxidative Degradation of Organic Pollutants in the Interface of Iron Oxides/Water and Interface of Manganese Oxides/Water

Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences

Xugang Wang (Ph.D 2007)
Kinetic Study of PCP Reductive Transformation on Surface of Soil Colloids

Colleague of Agriculture, Henan University of Science and Technology

Chunhua Liang (Ph.D 2007)
Preparation and Characterization of RE3+-TiO2 and Their Photo-Degradation of Orange I

Huaihua University

Xianghua Xu (MS 2011)

The Mechanism of Selenium on Alleviation Arsenic Toxicity to Rice

Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences

Huimin Li (MS 2010)

The study on arsenic fraction of paddy soil and its bioavailability to rice at an anandoned tungsten mine, south china


Kewen Sun
(MS 2009)
Interactively Interfacial Reaction between Reductive Transformation of 2-Nitrophenol and adsorption of Fe(II)

Wenzhou Medical College

Lusong Wang (MS 2009)
Photodegradation of sulfadiazine by goethite-oxalate suspension
under UV light irradiation

Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower

Chang-an Wu (MS 2009)
The Technology Study of Control Arsenic Pollution of Farming
Land in Lianhua Mountain Tungsten-mining Area in Shantou City
of Guangdong Province

Consultancy Centre of Secondary Water Supply

Fang Zeng (MS 2008)
Abiotic Reductive Transformation of Pentachlorophenol on the  Interface of Soil Colloids and Water

Institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Jing Lei (MS 2007)
Photochemical Degradation for Organic Pollutants in the Iron Oxides-Oxalic Acid Complex System

Guangxi University

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